ALEV (ZRW-20938)

PKR 6,450

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Embrace the enchantment of spring with 'Alev.' A celestial aqua canvas comes alive with a vibrant tapestry of berry, yellow, Byzantium blossoms, casting a spell of elegance and cheerfulness. The intricate floral print adorns both the shirt and trousers, creating a harmonious symphony of color. This design ensures an unforgettable look that seamlessly transitions from day to night in the upcoming season, adding an aura of timeless beauty to your wardrobe.

ALEV (ZRW-20938)- PKR 6,450.00

Component: Shirt

Fabric Details: Lawn/Voile

Disclaimer: Please note that the color of the item you receive may vary slightly from that shown in the product shoot. This can happen due to the variation in light at the time of product and fashion shoot.