FIRUZEH (ZW2-23-03)

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The bewitching tapestry commences on a canvas of midnight ebony, serving as the backdrop for resplendent embroidered florals intricately woven with luminous ivory threads. Accompanying this opulent creation is an embroidered chaddar, casting a spell of enchantment upon any occasion. Whether indulging in an al fresco luncheon or attending an evening soiree, 'Firuzeh' unfolds as an embodiment of refined sophistication, evoking echoes of classical aristocratic style sensibilities.n.

Embroidered Front Center Panel (Karandi) 1 Piece
Embroidered Front Left Side Panel (Karandi) 1 Piece
Embroidered Front Right Side Panel (Karandi) 1 Piece
Dyed Back (Karandi) 1 Piece
Embroidered Sleeves Left + Right (Karandi) 1 Pair
Embroidered Sleeve Border (Karandi) 1 Meter
Embroidered Front Hem Border (Karandi) 1 Meter
Embroidered Duppata Center (Karandi) 2 Meters
Embroidered Duppata Left + Right Pallu (Karandi) 1 Pair
Dyed Trouser (Karandi) 2.5 Meters

Note: Only Dry Clean

This is an unstitched article

Disclaimer: Please note that the color of the item you receive may vary slightly from that shown in the product shoot. This can happen due to the variation in light at the time of product and fashion shoot. This is a concept stitched article and may not contain certain embellishments.