Zaha's luxurious debut bridal collection

The inimitable Khadijah Shah, the reigning queen of Pakistani couture, brings her signature design flair & opulent finesse to Zaha’s luxurious debut bridal collection. Melding detailed subcontinental craft with the effortless elegance of a modern life fairytale, each piece is an ode to our rich heritage and the beauty of love itself.

Bold, vibrant and meticulously handcrafted, Zaha Couture blends seamlessly with your most festive moments. Tradition and modernity meet in a beautiful and glorious display of rich colour and intricate craftsmanship. Dramatic silhouettes, intricate embellishments and mastery of colour are what makes Zaha's Bridal Couture stand out from the rest. These one of a kind heirloom pieces are sure to stay in your heart and your wardrobe forever.