NIMA (ZB-21211)

Introducing ‘Nima’, an enchanting couture ensemble that is set to steal the spotlight. A vibrant lime green lehenga and choli ensemble, it radiates an irresistible luminosity. The lime green fabric, akin to a sunbeam, is adorned with opulent gold foil embellishments, forming intricate patterns like verses of gilded poetry woven into the very fabric.

The choli, a harmonious companion, gleams with the same luminous green hue, embellished with sparkling tinsel foil accents that cast an enchanting, celestial glow. This dress paired with a diaphanous organza dupatta framed with an embellished dupatta is a beacon of exquisite design and style, ensuring that the wedding festivity becomes a radiant vision of sophistication and charm, a true highlight in any wedding celebration.

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Components : Choli, lehnga and Duppatta