ELA (ZF23-06)

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Unveiling the enchanting allure of feminine mystique, an ethereal peach tapestry serves as the captivating backdrop for an exquisite embroidered tableau, intricately crafted with lustrous ivory threads interlaced with shimmering silver tinsels. 'Ela' comes adorned with delicate stitch-work of creamy silk threads, evoking a sense of awe and admiration. This breathtaking ensemble is harmoniously complemented by tonal trousers, while a resplendently embroidered dupatta graces the ensemble, imbuing it with opulence. A testament to its unrivaled magnificence, this design transcends conventional beauty, elevating itself to the realm of pure artistry and bestowing upon its wearer an ethereal femininity that is truly extraordinary.

ELA (ZF23-06) - 3 Pc - Unstitched

Embroidered Front Center Panel (Lawn) Pink Peach 1 Pc
Embroidered Front Left Panel (Lawn) Pink Peach 1 Pc
Embroidered Front Right Panel (Lawn) Pink Peach 1 Pc
Dyed Back (Lawn) Pink Peach 1 Pc
Embroidered Sleeves Left + Right (Lawn) Pink Peach 1 Pair
Embroidered Dupatta Center (Voile) Pink Peach 2 Meters
Embroidered Dupatta Left + Right Pallu (Voile) Pink Peach 1 Pair
Dyed Trouser (Cambric) Pink Peach 2.5 Meters

Fabric details: Lawn, Voile, Cambric

Note: Only Dry Clean

This is an unstitched article

Disclaimer: Please note that the color of the item you receive may vary slightly from that shown in the product shoot. This can happen due to the variation in light at the time of product and fashion shoot. This is a concept stitched article and may not contain certain embellishments.